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The statement of purpose is an interesting cross between a personal statement and a letter of intent. It is used in the college admissions process by the admissions board as a tool to relate to the student on a more subjective and personal level, similar to the personal statement. However, like the letter of intent, it’s focus shifts more toward the future than the past, unlike the personal statement. The admissions board requires this because they want to know what you are going to bring to their university program and what kind of reputation you will build for yourself and for them during your education as well as upon graduation. They want someone who will leave a lasting impression long after their are gone; someone that they can be proud of. This is the kind of student that will develop the name of the school and increase admissions in the future.

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You may have the most impressive college resume or application and be 100% qualified for admittance; but if this is not demonstrated in your Statement of Purpose, you have missed the boat. The essay portion of the application, whether it be the statement of purpose, the personal statement or the letter of intent, bridges a gap that exists between your objective application and the admissions board jury. It gives them a sense of who you are as an academic and otherwise, and it gives them a picture of you that produces hope in them for your success in your educational and professional career.

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