Personal Statement Essay Editing Service

If you have written your personal statement essay for an application for enrollment in a college or university and have concerns about the professionalism of the personal statement or the way the personal statement essay reads, we will be happy to edit it for you. Here at we have several years of experience with helping prospective students develop the perfect personal statement essay. The critiquing and editing provided by our professional and experienced staff can help you make the most of the personal statement section of your university application.

Personal Statement Essay Review & Critique

The writers at will provide you with a fully edited version of your personal statement essay including a critique report that highlights all strengths and weaknesses of your personal statement essay as well as suggestion to improve your personal statement essay. The process is super simple; you only need to upload your personal statement essay and any other relevant information pertaining to your university application. Within a few days we will return your fully edited personal statement essay along with a detailed report regarding the improvements we made to the personal statement.

Perfect Personal Statement Essay

Every personal statement essay we receive is carefully reviewed to ensure that you are presenting yourself to the admissions committee in the most favorable way. Whether it is fixing a few spelling errors or rewording entire sections we will edit, critique and fine tune every line of your personal statement essay. The editor reviewing your personal statement essay will use the same techniques used in editing newspaper articles, books and other printed publications to ensure your personal statement is perfect.

Address Spelling & Grammar Issues in Your Personal Statement Essay

Our editors will correct any issues with spelling and grammar, reword poorly structured sentences, fix any misuse of punctuation, reduce any unnecessary words, minimize over-long sentences and ensure your personal statement essay contains a consistent style. Once the personal statement essay has been polished to perfection we will send it back to you, but not until it is perfect.

Detailed Report

We will send your completely edited personal statement essay along with a detailed report explaining the changes we have made to your personal statement essay and why the changes were made. Your detailed report will include a detailed critique of the personal statement you submitted, a summary of the strengths and weaknesses found in the original personal statement essay, a complete list of the improvements we made, the reasons for the improvements and recommendations for any other areas that may need to be improved.

Confidential & Plagiarism Free Personal Statement Essay

All of the services offered by are completely confidential. Your personal statement can only be accessed by our editors and cannot be accessed by UCAS, universities or any other organizations. All changes to your personal statement essay will be done by your individual editor. Your personal statement essay will be 100% plagiarism free. If you have any questions regarding our editing services, please feel free to contact us.