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The graduate school personal statement essay that you create is the picture of yourself you are presenting to the admissions officers. The personal statement essay is the opportunity for you to highlight all of your attributes that go beyond the grades and test scores. The personal statement is the critical factor that may determine if you get into a certain school. The goal of an admission committee is to make sure that an applicant has not only the grades, but the necessary personal background to succeed in their school. The committee uses the personal statement to also help determine if you will contribute to the programs unique mix of personalities, possess the personal experience required and will enrich the schools intellectual criticism. The personal statement essay is in a sense you first interview with the committee.

What Committees Look For in Your Graduate School Personal Statement

Your personal statement essay is a crucial part of your graduate school application, but the process of writing it can be one of the most stressful things you will have to do for the application process. A majority of students do not know to writing their strong suits. The purpose of your personal statement essay is to provide information to the graduate school admissions committee regarding two primary concerns; if you will be an asset to graduate program and if you will be a beneficial asset to the school. Graduate schools are usually judged by how their students perform so graduate schools seek students who will not be a risk of having a poor record that will reflect back on the school.

Convincing the Committee with Your Graduate School Personal Statement

Your personal statement essay when applying to graduate school should convince the admissions committee that you are a deeply motivated candidate, you are motivated to learn as well as excel in your area of study and that you are a capable student that will perform exceptionally with your studies. Our knowledgeable and professional writers are experienced in helping you accomplish all of this with your personal statement essay for graduate school. We will help you say what your personal statement essay should say to make you stand out among the hundreds of other applicants, most of which will be saying basically the same thing.

Standing Out From the Crowd with Your Graduate School Personal Statement

Your personal statement essay should not look like all of the other ones the admissions office receives. There are different expectations for each graduate school in regards to what you should include in your personal statement essay. The most important goal of your responsibilities to make sure that your personal statement essay answers all of the questions asked. The basic questions a personal statement essay should answer intended area of study is, interest you have in the subject, related experience, your interest in the specific school and post-graduation plans.

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Our Role in Your Graduate School Personal Statement Writing

Our role at is to perfect your personal statement essay by making it personal, organizing it, creating a theme or a thesis to the statement, provide a professional tone, gear the personal statement essay toward a specific school and most importantly proofread for spelling and grammar errors. Our final goal is to send you a perfect personal statement essay for your graduate school application.